Bill is super knowledgable when it comes to Rovers. Even though his shop is a headliner shop, he still knows a ton about Range Rovers. Even though I am nowhere near his shop he was able to go through his contacts and find me a mech to give me a good, trusted assessment of the engine in my new purchase. Bill has a real gift for explaining/teaching how to do work on your vehicle in a way that is so clear and easy to understand. Thank you Bill!
Jeff Meyers
Virginia Beach
Bill Stauffer - Headliner Express is the ultimate artist and master of Automotive Detail that covers almost everything in the interior of the car where we sit. I have a 1984 7 Series BMW. Headliner Express fixed a major leak in the ceiling as the drains in the doors and roof of car were plugged up after 30 years of dust, leaves etc. Then I had a small flood in the car as the drains at the bottom of the front wind shield were also plugged up. The entire carpet had to be replaced... which even before the flood... needed to be replaced. Both leaks happened within about 2 years. These projects were big projects and took a tremendous amount of craftsmanship and skill to get the car back to near "museum quality". This is a show car. You will not be able to find another company that takes care of these types of interior repairs. It's no wonder that people from all over the country drive to Orlando - go on a cruise or to the beach - and leave their car with Bill. That is a huge recommendation by itself. When you take your car to Bill Stauffer you can rest assured it will be perfect when you pick it up.
Tom Hackim
Maitland, FL
I found Bill and his staff VERY knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. Bill was very supportive, providing helpful installation techniques as I undertook the removal and installation of my Volvo XC90 headliner myself. The headliner looks wonderful in the car and my wife is happy! I would highly recommend Headliner Express and will refer them and also use them in the future should I have any such needs. Thank you again Bill, excellent job.
Randy Lusignan
Thank you for doing such an awesome job on my headliner and fixing my trunk so it will safely stay open! You've been in business for eons yet you treated me as if you were just starting and were extremely thankful for my business. My car is far from special and your respect for my needs in repairs was as if I had a Bentley! Thank you for doing business the Old Fashioned Way, when it dose not matter how much money you spend, you are appreciated! I will certainly tell all I come in contact with who need the services you provide to go your shop! Keep up the good work!
Mary Waits
Orange City,Florida
I have had Bill replace the headliner in my 1991 Range Rover and my 2001 Land Rover Discovery. He and his staff did a wonderful job, they knew how to disassemble the headliner, repair issues with my sunroof returning it to perfect working condition and install the new headliner. Very professional, very well done. And they were quick, they didn't waste time and got me out in quick order. I can't recommend Bill and his staff enough, they do an amazing job. I was concerned about broken trim pieces and fasteners and a less than ideal outcome. I was so pleasantly surprised with the job they did. I strongly recommend them for any vehicle you may have, they are perfectionists. You will not be disappointed.
Eric DePetris
Jacksonville, Florida
I did some shopping around before choosing Bill and Headliner Express. Most of the other places I called just talked price. Which is what I thought I wanted , "the best price". However, being very uneducated in this process, I really appreciated that Bill took the time to explain to me the process and the difference in materials and how the different materials would look in my BMW. I was then able to decide for myself, what was best for me. I chose to spend a couple of extra dollars on a better (factory original) material. I am so glad I did! The team at Headliner Express did an amazing job! I feel like I'm sitting in a brand new car. I felt no pressure at all during the process and appreciate the quality of service and knowledge gained. Thank you, to Bill and the Headliner Express team! *In addition, the total cost was about what I would have paid for a lesser quality material and service elsewhere.
Justin King
I own a 1984 7 Series in excellent condition and the rear drain holes were plugged up. Fixing this problem was a big priority. I had no luck with one vendor and by chance saw the Headliner Express Website. I called Bill at about 6 PM and he spent about 30 minutes on the phone educating me on the the art of repairing plugged drain holes. Thus, he convinced me that he had the skill, knowledge and personal integrity to get the job done as he has been in this business of fixing headliners etc for quite some time. Bill is "old school" as he does not try to sell you his services specifically. He simply wants to you have enough knowledge to make an informed and educated decision. When I brought the car in he thoughtfully explained what he would do step-by-step. He is honest and fair and can get the job done properly the first time. Bill stands by his work and said that even though he tested it with water for 2o minutes that if I am on the road and notice leaks at the rear drain holes - to bring the car back in. While my specific repair was rear drain holes, I can safely say that whether you have headliners, convertible top and seat cover repairs - Head Liner Express is the only place to go!
Tom Hackim
Maitland, FL
I have enjoyed a relationship with Bill Stauffer and his Headliner Express business since 1994 when we opened up Land Rover Orlando in Longwood. His personality, workmanship, and business ethics have kept him as a valued friend and vendor through to today at our current location on Lake Destiny Road in Orlando. He’s the best in the business, which keeps us coming back, and he would be the only recommendation I could give for the services he performs.
Rusty Olson, General Manager
Land Rover Orlando
If quality materials and workmanship aren’t very important to you, don’t do business with Headliner Express. I planned to purchase OEM fabric from them for my local trim shop to install in my BMW, but after speaking with Bill, the owner, I decided that he is the person I wanted working on my car. He is an absolute wealth of information, and I instantly related to his business philosophy. I drove three hours to and from his shop for him to replace all of my interior fabric. Bill’s eye for detail was more than worth it. And if you ask him nicely, he may even give you a ride in the bright yellow-colored Headliner Express, Mercedes Unimog !
Don Bilder
West Palm Beach, Fl
A wise investment I called 10+ headliner replacement services in the Central Florida area before I stumbled upon Headliners Express. They specialize in German/European headliners which was a plus for me (I have an Audi). First thing I was told was about sunroof drain tubes (apparently all vehicles with a sunroof have them) and the impact they can have on headliners and water leakage. The next thing I did was CALL BACK a few places I contacted earlier and quizzed them a bit about this issue. NONE of them either knew what I was talking about or didn't want to discuss it. AT ALL. Needless to say I went with H.E. and am very pleased with the results. A bit more pricey for sure, but don't let this scare you! They have 30 years + knowledge and experience. I'm glad I went with them, I wanted it done and done RIGHT. Plus it looks amazing! And an interesting thing was the rear drain tubes in my car were completely blocked, which more than likely contributed to my sagging headliner. If you want a quality headliner and have it replaced correctly, you cannot go wrong here. Highly recommended
Hello Bill, My wife Francine and I want to Thank You for the FANTASTIC repair you did on our 1996 S-Class Mercedes-Benz. When our sunroof panel fabric started falling and the vent panels were cracking from 16 years of the Florida sun, we wanted to get it repaired to the original factory specification. Your expertise in the Original Equipment colors and choice of fabrics that Mercedes-Benz offered in 1996 was amazing, in addition, your fair price and your attention to detail in making sure that the entire headliner,rear panels and sunroof panel were looking new when we came to pickup the car was truly the work of a professional. It was well worth the 3-1/2 drive to your shop. We will certainly to do business with Headliner Express again. Thanks again.
John & Francine Mondone
Davie, Florida
Bill Stauffer is simply the best at his profession. I have had Bill replace the headliner in two of my cars (Jaguar and Cadillac) and seen many of his installations on BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and many other brands that are comparable to or better than the OEM Factory install. Bill has sourced the best headliner material from around the world and has maintained the highest standards of installation for his client. You will not be disappointed
Chuck Kinyon
Longwood, Florida
Bill did a beautiful job installing a new headliner in my '56 Chrysler. His professionalism and expertise gave me the show-car look I was seeking. Thanks for a job well done.
Jim Mummah
Oviedo, Fl