2002 to Present Volvo XC70 XC90 Sunroof Modesty Panels

Weight: 2lbs


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When your removing your sunroof glass in order to remove and recover your sliding sunroof shade you will need to first remove the #10 plastic Modesty Panels located on the Left & Right side of the Sunroof that attach to the sunroof glass and the sunroof rail guide track assembly in order to gain access to the screws that hold the sunroof glass to the sunroof guide assembly. These Modesty Panels are made of a very thin plastic ( Looks like Plastic Accordions ) and are exposed to extreme heat that comes off of the sunroof glass, the Modesty Panels in most cases will break once removed and will need to be replaced. The price per Modesty Panel is $20.06 each Not Sold as a Pair

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Weight 2 lbs


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