88″ 3/4 Length Khaki Deep Weave Classic Canvas

Weight: 25lbs


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88″ 3/4 Length Khaki

 88″ Premium Top 3/4 Length

The Premium top from Exmoor Trim USA is specifically manufactured for the vehicle restorer.
We are fortunate enough to have all the original drawings from land Rover for these tops and the knowledge of the original manufacturing methods and materials of which we have gone through exactly to produce this top.

Great care has been taken in selecting the correct materials and detail where it matters most by using the original 3 strand twisted ropes, vinyl wear patches and pre shrunk windows tape sealed in the original way and many more fine details, but most importantly of all the fitting is exact and once the top has settled down they look great.

Our skilled staff understand exactly what is required and ensure that all our Tops are made with care and attention to detail.
Deep Weave Canvas is the new benchmark set by Exmoor Trim USA when using a 100% natural Cotton fiber. Canvas has many pitfalls and by using modern manufacturing techniques and proofing we have reproduced the original color, greatly reduced shrinkage and retained all the crucial features that all our customers have come to expect from an Exmoor Trim USA Top.

The top does not include any sticks or Aluminium inserts that locate the hood to the goal posts on the rear of the truck cab. We do offer stick sets and all components separately.

Options Available
All our Premium Tops have the option for tinted windows, these are all made to order and you can simply select the top that you want and add the additional window option part number to your request
You may wish to order a top made to your own specifications or perhaps you have built your special vehicle and require a top made to measure
We can also offer tops in Stayfast and a wide range of colors

Product Information
Made to Original Drawings and specification
Original buckles, strap tips and open rivets are used
Original 3 strand twisted ropes with the original metal finisher tips
Improved window grade by using pre shrunk clear windows (high grade)
Original internal tape finish on all the windows
Original vinyl wear patches on the side curtains
A tighter weave giving superior rain proofing and durability
Accurate color matching to original colors with archived canvas samples
Vat dyed ensuring the color has penetrated all the way through the cotton canvas
Improved colorfast rating. Ensuring that the natural UV fading takes longer to occur especially in hot climates
Cold water shrinkage of the natural cotton fiber greatly reduced
Warp being -2.5% Weft being -1.0%(warp and weft is the direction of the weave strands). Standard canvas being about 3.5% on the warp and 3% on the weft

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Weight 25 lbs


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